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 Vivian says,

“I paint what I love - especially animals of Central Oregon. They're all unique to me as each one expresses it's individual personality and posture --- so no two subjects ever look alike - even quail”

Vivian is inspired by nature and imagination - two ingredients she uses to create dramatic wildlife paintings. Observing animals in their natural surroundings has always been her passion and enables her to create expressive portraits of wild animals such as bison, deer, quail and herons. She photographs her subjects to use as references for her studio realistic paintings   which she paints mainly with watercolors, but also with oils or pastels. 


With an Bachelor’s Degree in Art and a Master's in Science - Biology she has worked-- as a professional wildlife artist for 30 years, as a wildlife illustrator, an Art teacher in New Mexico High School, and during all those years, also as a professional artist exhibiting paintings in galleries and juried exhibits. 


Vivian is proud to announce that she is now an author and illustrator of her children's book:

         'The Good, The Bad,

            and The Goofy',

 published in March 2021 by Amazon.


She adds, "And I'm busy writing a second children's book about a Yorkie named Henri and his side-kick, Mac McRat"                       




           Wildlife Artist                                      
 Watercolors -- Pastels -- Oils


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A&E Cover -VCOlsen 9-2021_edited.jpg

The Children's Book written and Illustrated by Vivian Olsen available at Amazon and in local Bend, Oregon book stores.

"It was a thrill for me to have my 'Bald Eagles' painting chosen for the cover art of the cascade A&E in July 2021!" says Vivian

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