Wildlife Artist                                      

        Watercolors, Pastels & Oils

   Vivian is inspired by nature and aided by imagination - two ingredients she uses to create dramatic wildlife     paintings. Observing animals in the outdoors has always been her passion and enables her painting expressive portraits of wild animals such as bison, deer, quail and herons.


She photographs her subjects to use as references for her studio paintings   which she paints mainly with water-colors, but also with oils or pastels. She begins with abstract back-grounds which she then completes as realistic paintings.


With an Bachelor’s Degree in Art and a Master's in Science-Biology she has worked as a professional wildlife artist for 30 years, as a wildlife illustrator, an Art teacher at a New Mexico High School for 18 years, and as a professional artist exhibiting paintings in galleries and juried exhibits.                             




VivianO-Cranes Dancing-7-18.JPG

Vivian with "Crane Dance" 

watercolor Sandhill Cranes.


Vivian Says,

“I paint what I love - especially animals 0f Central Oregon. They are all unique to me so I try to express their individual personalities and postures so no two subjects ever look alike - even quail”

 Vivian Olsen Contact Information:

 Phone: (541) 923-4073

 Email: Click here to CONTACT VIVIAN

 Website: www.vivianolsen.com

 Facebook: Click Here

Vivi & meerkats.JPG

Vivian with "A Meerkat Moment" 

watercolor of the eclipse 2018