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Experimental Artwork at the Alexander

The Alexander in Bend is pleased to feature Artist Rebecca Sentgeorge’s exhibit of her her experimental mixed media paintings. This series of paintings are the result of a long distance collaboration with her artist daughter, Katrina Sentgeorge. Katrina originally started each painting by laying down an initial color scheme on each canvas. She then sent the canvases off to Rebecca to interpret and to continue painting, in any manner that she felt would fit each canvas.

Much like gazing at clouds and finding shapes like elephants or bears, Rebecca’s part was to come up with a subject that fit each random color scheme and turn the canvases into paintings inspired by nature, and interpreted in a semi abstract manner.

Rebecca said, “It was a fun and interesting challenge. I tried to create a balance between leaving some initial brush strokes showing, and yet turning each painting into a different subject from the original under-layer. It became a kind of game that I played with myself. Sometimes I even turned the canvases upside down before I began painting on them.”

Rebecca’s show at The Alexander will be featured during the months of April and May. Rebecca, who is a member of the High Desert Art League, received her degree in art from San Jose State University in California and taught art in the schools for forty years. This summer, she will be leading a mixed media workshop through Art in the Mountains here in Bend and will share many of her mixed media techniques with the participants.

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