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"DUET" - A Two Artist Exhibit

With the classy sounds of a Jazz Ensemble playing live in the background visitors streamed in to see the beautiful array of Watercolor paintings by Vivian Olsen and Helen Brown displayed along the stone walls at Broken Top Club in Bend Oregon. Puffins, Eaglets, Wolves, and even a Pig held their attention as people sauntered by with wine glasses in hand to see the show. Helen's watercolors are colorful and

uniquely created with a batik resist technique. Her glowing scenes of stairways and ancient buildings are highly textured and give the effect of being ageless.

Vivian's wildlife subjects stand out in sharp contrast against flowing, abstract backgrounds. A covey of quail are poised in red brown branches in a painting called "The Roost". These creative Watercolors will be showing from February 19th through March 17th at the Resort Clubhouse.

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