Rebecca Reed Sentgeorge

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             Rebecca Says:

"I have always had trouble narrowing down my artistic endeavors to a single medium. I enjoy working in watercolor, mixed media, acrylics and printmaking. I get my inspiration for my subject matter from my everyday life. I see possibilities everywhere.”

“I have always created art that reflects my surroundings. I lived in Asia for nine years and enjoyed painting items found in Japanese flea markets. Since returning to Oregon my subject matter is changing to reflect my new surroundings in Central Oregon.   I work from reference photos that I have taken and like to complete a series of pieces based on the same subject matter.  My mixed media pieces have a whimsical or nostalgic feeling, collaging in ephemeral bits from my life, such as tea bag tags, used Sudoku pages, train tickets, items from my travels or printed material I find around the house." 


Rebecca has a degree in art and was an art educator for 40 years. She has lived and taught in China, Japan, Australia, and the US and has artwork in private collections in each of those places as well as having taught workshops in Thailand, Japan, China, California, Nova Scotia, and Oregon.  In addition to the High Desert Art League, Rebecca is a member the Watercolor Society of Oregon, was a Fulbright Memorial Fund Participant, and was selected to participate in the National Consortium of Teaching about Asia, and the Teachers Institute of Contemporary Art. 

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Rebecca Reed Sentgeorge


Waiting_R Sentgeorge
Sugar and Spice_R Sentgeorge
Right Shoes_R Sentgeorge
Triad_R Sentgeorge
Topstiched_R Sentgeorge
For Sale_R Sentgeorge
Kimono_R Sentgeorge
Hillside Farm_R Sentgeorge
Japanese Robots_R Sentgeorge
Hobby Horse_R Sentgeorge
Mantlepiece_R Sentgeorge
Ecalyptus_R Sentgeorge
Calling All Cars_R Sentgeorge
Astro Boy_R Sentgeorge
3 of a Kind_R Sentgeorge
All Packed Up_R Sentgeorge
Annie's Bookshelf_Rebecca Sentgeorge