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Pamela Beaverson

Oil paintings and Printmaking

Pamela Beaverson

Pamela says, 

"I love the high desert; it is what drew me back to Oregon after many years away. While most central Oregon artists paint the mountains, I always find myself looking east into the expanse of sagebrush, juniper, and high desert grassland steppe. The subtle greens and violets come alive in the morning and late afternoon in the desert and inspire me unlike any other landscape. Trees hide the sky in the montane forests, but in the desert I feel free with a limitless sky overhead reminding me of how big and beautiful the world is."



Pamela grew up in Indiana and Michigan, and spent much of her childhood stomping around the wetlands and lush forests, falling in love with the natural world. While completing her BFA in printmaking at Ohio State, she found a way to combine her love of art and love of the natural world when she apprenticed as a biological illustrator under David Dennis, well-known herpetologist and biological illustrator. In addition to her fine arts degree, she also graduated with minors in both botany and zoology.

Upon completing her BFA, Pamela continued her education by completing the graduate program in scientific illustration at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Pamela worked in the illustration field for 10 years, and then variously as a web designer and developer and freelance illustrator, with her career taking her from Ohio to Virginia, Florida, California, Oregon, and Washington. Finally the opportunity presented itself to move to Central Oregon and pursue oil painting full time, and Pamela jumped at the chance for change. You can see the evidence of Pamela’s love of the natural world in her landscapes and wildlife art that she now creates.

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