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“My approach to making marks is intuitive. Once the process begins, it becomes a visual playground of colors, textures, shapes and movement. As the work evolves, intuition and formal knowledge guide the exploration, experimentation and discovery. My imagery portrays the continuous dialogues with my psyche and the nuances of everyday experiences.”

Michelle  says, 


Ms. Lindblom has been fortunate to receive several advanced degrees, which ultimately led to teaching visual art at the college level for over twenty-four years.  She left higher education and now works as a full time artist in her Bend, Oregon studio. Michelle’s work has been exhibited all over the United States, as well as, England and Norway. 

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Ms. Lindblom loves traveling and draws inspiration from her journeys and the people she has met, taught and visited along the way.

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Working In the Studio

Getting Ready to Paint

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Michelle Lindblom

Painting  and  Printmaking

Contact -

IG & FB - @michellerlindblom

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