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New Member Openings

Thank you for your interest in membership. Occasionally the High Desert Art League has openings for new members if current membership is below our limit of 13 artists. The group strives to have a broad spectrum of art style and medium, so if you do not see any current member with your artistic style, subject or medium we will be very interested in hearing from you. To prevent disruption of monthly meetings, prospective members will be considered by the group only twice per year, at our April and October meetings.


Requirements for New Members

Prospective members shall be artists who have shown their work in at least two juried art shows, or something comparable. They shall submit a letter of introduction and a portfolio or website that includes images of current artwork, a biography, and an artist statement. These materials will be reviewed by the group for professional content, and with the consideration of how the artist's medium and style, experience, and marketing and professional skills will augment the group. Prospects shall Email their required materials to the address listed below or hand deliver to any High Desert Art League member during the first two weeks of April or October to be considered at the group meeting. Additionally, 2 samples of current work should also be submitted and arranged to be hand delivered to one of the group members.


Selection Process for New Members

Following group review and discussion of the submitted materials at the April or October meeting, the High Desert Art League may select certain new member candidates for invitation to their following scheduled meeting. This allows our group to interact with the candidates and allows the candidates to evaluate our group. Portfolios and any original art materials will be returned at this time. Following this meeting, each group member will give his or her vote on the decision to extend membership to the candidates. Each candidate will be notified of the group decision within a month following the meeting. Candidates that are approved for membership may either accept or decline membership in the High Desert Art League at this time.


Costs of Membership

Because the High Desert Art League is a group of professional artists who meet regularly for encouragement and support in professional development and who exchange ideas and talents for the good of the group relating to the production and sale of fine art, all members must contribute of their time and finances. Members must attend monthly meetings on the third Thursday morning of each month, perform individual assigned tasks between meetings, and help with setup and tear down of group shows. The expenses related to the operation of the group are met by collection of a new member initiation fee and yearly dues. The new member initiation fee of $100 provides the new member with inclusion in the High Desert Art League website, group photo, group exhibits, and press kits. This fee is payable upon acceptance and must be received by the first meeting following acceptance. The yearly dues are $150, half of which is due in January and the remainder in July. Yearly dues cover updates and fees related to the website, group photos, press kits, color postcards for group shows, postage, and miscellaneous publicity, advertising and exhibiting expenses.


Questions about Membership

Please feel free to contact High Desert Art League or any group member if you have questions about the new member process or need clarification of any of the requirements. We thank you for your time and interest in becoming a member of the High Desert Art League.


Our address for Emailing Vivian Olsen.

                                                click or here to CONTACT HDAL via email

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