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Liz Haberman

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Liz Haberman

Artist Statement

My grandmother and mother were artists and in retirement I decided to follow in their footsteps and in the process fell in love with watercolor. My subject matter preference is for my art to tell a story or create a feeling. That story may be joyful and full of whimsy or sad and thought provoking. I leave the interpretation to the viewer.

              Elizabeth Haberman


Liz says,

“My Bachelor of Arts degree was nothing related to art. I was a late comer to painting, but spent time involved in artistic endeavors as an Interior designer, potter and lost cast jewelry designer.  I took a basic drawing class during early adulthood, but worked (and otherwise played) which prohibited me from pursuing it.  In retirement, determined to finally paint, I found a friend who agreed to teach me to paint.  Her medium was watercolor.  I haven’t turned back from that watery brush!”


“I think of painting as therapy.  A quiet place I can go by myself to express something I’m feeling or to describe a scene from the space around me.  My subjects are serious and whimsical, colorful and dark.  It would be easy for me to fall into painting my family and friends pets, but I’m drawn by a higher power.  I feel that I’m always learning through my mistakes and successes.”


Along with her membership to the High Desert Art League, Liz is a member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon where, in 2020, during the Pandemic, she won the award of Best in Show.


Elizabeth (Liz) Haberman


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Contact Information:

Liz Haberman


Liz Haberman

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