Karen and her daughter at Steens Mountain

"I am fascinated and intrigued by macro photography.  I can get so close to my subject that it’s like peering into another world; seeing my own reflection while focusing on a raindrop.  I am inspired by the intricacies of nature and express that in the photographs I create. 

My work is evocative. Each photograph brings to mind and heart a richness of color and texture that invites the viewer to reach out and touch the world in a primal way. It is being in the moment…. being the blossom or the drop of rain."


BIO      I have a Bachelor’s’ degree in Cultural Anthropology and a Master’s in Social Work, having practiced in that field for many years. I have always been drawn to the natural world having grown up with a mother who was a painter and gardener, and an out-doorsman for a father; all of which worked together to give me a love for nature and art. It was many years later that I was able to realize this passion by going back to school. Friends would always say to me, “you need to do something with your photography”, and at first,my goal was to put my work on my walls at home. I reached out to the director of the School of Photographic Technology at Austin Community College in Austin,Texas. He said,” you need to come back to school!” So I did.


After completing my work there, I went into commercial photography; creating images of the things people wanted to advertise; food, jewelry, buildings and so on. Those images were used on websites, in printed materials and on billboards. It was very exciting! At the same time I continued landscape photography and captured images of the wild places I visited.


Now, I am able to fully embrace both my macro and landscape photography and truly explore my passion for both.


Currently, Karen is doing macro photography of flowers, while continuing to capture landscapes as she experiences them. She recently exhibited a show entitled “Blossoms” and plans to focus on central Oregon wildflowers this spring. She has multiple publications to her credit.


         Contact Information:            


Karen Maier    EMAIL: photos.timestop@gmail.com


Limited edition giclee prints available as well as prints on metal and canvas, framed or unframed.  Contact the artist with questions regarding specific pieces or to inquire about other work.

Karen Maier



I have a photograph being exhibited in the LaSells Stewart Center at Oregon State University for the month April.  The exhibit is “Architecture Around Us; City and Country Life”.  The photograph is “The Bath House” and was taken at Summer Lake Oregon.   Karen,  April 2019

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