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Karen Maier


Karen & Erin.jpeg

Karen and her daughter at Steens Mountain

"I am fascinated and intrigued by macro photography.  I can get so close to my subject that it’s like peering into another world; seeing my own reflection while focusing on a raindrop.  I am inspired by the intricacies of nature and express that in the photographs I create. 

My work is evocative. Each photograph brings to mind and heart a richness of color and texture that invites the viewer to reach out and touch the world in a primal way. It is being in the moment…. being the blossom or the drop of rain."


Karen says, 

"I remember collecting wildflowers as a child and bringing them home to my mother who was a gifted painter.  She  used her own garden as subject matter.” Karen photographs garden flowers, especially poppies and iris, but enjoys exploring the landscape to capture wildflowers in unique places. Her joy in macro photography bloomed in the desert of Big Bend National Park where she and her husband often camped and hiked while living in Austin, Texas.  During that time Karen worked as a commercial photo-grapher specializing in jewelry.  She says that work refined her skill and highlighted her interest in macro photography of natural subjects. 

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Big Summit Prairie

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