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Landscape Magic

Being in the natural world of beautiful landscapes brings me wonder and peace.

                                           Jan Dow

Growing up in San Diego, California, the highlight of every year was camping trips to isolated, gorgeous wild places.  I was immersed in visually magical places.  At a very early age, these landscapes thrilled and enchanted me, and later became the driving force behind my painting.

I graduated with a degree in Fine Art from the University of California at Davis, as well as a K-12 teaching degree.  After 3 years teaching high school art in Pendleton, Oregon,   the position was eliminated.  I became an elementary school Reading Specialist, teaching reading to emerging readers.  In 1991 we moved to Bend, and I continued as a Reading Specialist.  While this was extremely rewarding, it was also totally time and energy consuming.   Then, close to retirement in 2003,   I took a workshop in pastel painting, a medium I’d never tried.  By the time that first workshop was over, I was hooked, heart and soul, by the brilliance and immediacy of pastel painting.  

 I retired from teaching in 2007, and over time, as my painting developed, I took more workshops in pastel landscape painting from artists Susan Ogilvie, Richard McKinley, and Barbara Jaenicke .  Living in Central Oregon, magical landscapes are everywhere.  I have especially loved kayaking the high lakes of the Cascades, with my camera in tow, feeling like I can never get enough of the exquisite beauty surrounding me.   

Jan Dow - Artist

Pastel Paintings

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