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      Helen says,

“I enjoy the spontaneity of watercolor. When considering subjects to paint, I am attracted to those with interesting perspective, dramatic light and elements that are meaningful to me personally. Patterns, texture and unique shapes are particularly interesting to me."


     Helen Brown 


"I have been experimenting with papers and discovered that I love the texture and look of watercolor on ginwashi rice paper.  In most of my paintings, I use a batik process where I apply a resist to the paper (either molten wax or liquid rubber latex) over previously applied colors that I really like. That preserves that color from any further glazing. Whether on 300 lb watercolor paper, or rice paper, the result is a luminous, transparent painting.”

Helen is a former French language instructor turned artist. In addition to the High Desert Art League, she is a member of the Tumalo Art Company, the Watercolor Society of Oregon, and she qualified for signature membership to the Northwest Watercolor Society in 2008.

Helen Brown Contact Information:

P. O. Box 3726     Sunriver, OR 97707

          (541) 788-5025


Facebook: Click Here 


Batik with Watercolor

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