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      Artist  of  the Month - at  the  Oxford  Hotel                                                                    January 2022

Karen Maier

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"Oregon Iris"

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          “Summer in Winter”
            featuring macro photography of flowers


                                                                                                             The Oxford Hotel in Bend welcomes photographer and High                                                                                                    Desert Art League Member, Karen Maier,


Karen says, “ I remember collecting wildflowers as a child and bringing them home to my mother who was a gifted painter.  She  used her own garden as subject matter.” Karen photographs garden flowers, especially poppies and iris, but enjoys exploring the landscape to capture wildflowers in unique places. Her joy in macro photography bloomed in the desert of Big Bend National Park where she and her husband often camped and hiked while living in Austin, Texas.  During that time Karen worked as a commercial photographer specializing in jewelry.  She says that work refined her skill and highlighted her interest in macro photography of natural subjects. 


Karen enjoys photography of other subject matter as evidenced by a recent invitation to exhibit a photograph at the Oregon Trail Museum in their show celebrating the Wild and Scenic River’s Act.  That image was of Kokanee salmon that were swimming in the Deschutes River above Wickiup Reservoir.  She also participated in a show of Oregon architecture at Oregon State University.

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"Pink Pineapple"

"White and Green Mum"

See more of Karen’s work at   Karen Maier, photographer.

OXford Hotel  Ph. 541-382-8436.  10 NW Minnesota Ave. Bend, Oregon 97703