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 High Desert Art League's

Featured Artist for March 2023 at the Oxford Hotel

Janice Rhodes.png


Janice Rhodes


    "When I took a class in encaustics

 I became enthralled.”    

Janice Rhodes is an artist that paints in a contemporary style with an ancient medium called encaustics.  The word encaustic is Greek for “to burn in” and refers to the constant use of heat in the process.  Pure beeswax, resin and pigment are melted and kept molten and brushed onto a birch board.  The medium immediately cools so must be reheated by a torch or heat gun.  Every layer is fused with this technique. This process has been used for 3 thousand years!


“When I retired, I took lessons in many mediums from Washington State to Mexico but when I took a class in encaustics here in Bend I became enthralled.”  She says there cannot be a more frustrating ,but yet more rewarding medium.

Janice is one of the original members of the Red Chair Gallery. And is one of the 13 members of the High Desert Art League.

Join Janice on the first Friday of March at the beautiful Oxford Hotel.



The Oxford Hotel is pleased to welcome Janice Rhodes as their featured artist for March 2023. 

Oxford Hotel - Bend.  10 NW Minnesota Ave,

Bend, OR 97703.      December 2022

Free admission in Hotel Lobby

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