The High Desert Art League's

MAY  2021
Michelle Lindblom



The  Oxford Hotel  welcomes  Michelle  Lindblom  as  MAY''S  Featured Artist 

Visual artist michellel lindblom - Sky S

Michelle Lindblom, who moved to Bend in 2015,  creates paintings, monotypes, and writes and admits that her creative process is somewhat unconventional. As a child growing up, Lindblom was an avid daydreamer. As an adult, she uses daydreaming and subconscious thoughts as vehicles to express herself visually. “I don’t have any preconceived ideas about where I am going with my work. I work intuitively.” Michelle often has to reflect on her finished pieces for some time before gaining an understanding as to their meaning. It is then she is able to title the works.

Since relocating to the Northwest, Michelle has found a greater appreciation for her surroundings and the influences that nature has on her work. Michelle’s palette is becoming “more subtle and nuanced” with the addition of colors such as magenta, turquoise and iron oxide.  “I’m interpreting my surroundings abstractly, with an emphasis on color, form, movement and texture.“

Lindblom, who has an undergraduate degree in fine art, University of New Orleans, and an MS. Ed. and MFA University of  North Dakota, taught art for 24 years at the college level.

Lindblom has exhibited her painting and monotypes throughout the United States and is represented by the Red Chair Gallery, Bend, Oregon and Angi D Wildt Gallery, Astoria, Oregon. She is a member of the High Desert Art League and the National Association of Women Artists.              Contact:    Michelle Lindblom Studio

Sky Spirits II

Visual artist michelle lindblom beoregon


Walking in Light.