Dee McBrien-Lee

Acrylic Artist

 "As an artist, I am absolutely passionate about painting, sometimes to the point of obsession.  For me, creating is a meditation or therapy of sorts.  Success in my work usually means that a piece has caused something to be born or released from within me." 

Originally from New York, I moved west in the 1980's and finally to Bend in 2007.  Having studied art at SUNY New Paltz  and painted throughout my life, my participation in the establishment of Bend's Red Chair Gallery in 2010 allowed for the consistent commercial display of my work and the opportunity to expand my interaction with other artists.  A studio artist,  I have been painting primarily with acrylics for many years with my focus on landscapes and Americana style prior to 2013.  I dipped my brushes into abstract art in 2013 when I was feeling an intense desire to evolve in a completely new direction, one that would allow for a new type of expression that would come purely from within.  Not an easy thing to accomplish when you are used to staying inside the lines.

Today after several workshops and classes I am painting almost exclusively abstracts and my work has become more expressive , more experimental.  Occasionally there is the hint of a subject in the work but more often they are non objective pieces.  I love using many layers of texture and color along with a good deal of energy to bring out the emotion and spirit of the piece.  My goal is to show what I am feeling at the time I created the painting rather than trying to get the pieces "right".  I hope to create work that the viewer will journey into, write their own stories and draw their own conclusions from what I have set to paper or canvas.


A Big Magic
A Passages
Abstract Scape
Around the Bend
Beneath the Surface
Beyond White
Dreaming in Italian
My Body My Choice
Native Voices
Water on the Moon
Silver Lining
Red White and Blue all Over - DeeMcBrien-Lee

Jay and Dee at the waterfall at Hosmer Lake when we went kayaking.

              Dee McBrien-Lee -

Founding Partner and Gallery Director

          at the Red Chair Gallery - Bend,OR   

International Society of Acrylic Painters             Member - participates in juried shows

High Desert Art League  - Member   

Artwork in private collections throughout

           the US and in Europe.

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Dee as Una Versz at a 2016 Murder Mystery  Halloween party